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Chatfield Launch Site

GPS Users: Do not enter Chatfield State Park into your GPS as those directions will take you to the Park’s office.
To reach the Launch Site, enter Chatfield State Park at the DEER CREEK ENTRANCE which is located on South Wadsworth Blvd. (Highway 121).

Please click the above box for the exact location.



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Balloon RepairRepair
FAA Certified

Our facility is FAA certified (Repair Station No. RYHR519X) to repair and maintain all major brands of hot air balloons. Our repair personnel are FAA certified, and able to handle all of your balloon repair needs, including the 100-Hour and Annual Inspections.

Our staff is trained to maintain your balloon to factory specificatons.  If you are considering working on your own balloon, please be reminded that your balloon is a certified aircraft.  Any work performed on your aircraft that is not specifically mentioned in your flight manual under category "Preventive Maintenance" makes your aircraft unairworthy until an authorized person inspects the work and enters the repair with his signature in your aircraft logbook.

What is inspected as part of a 100 hour or Annual Inspection?
Balloon Repair
During each inspection, every component of the balloon is inspected for wear and/or damage that would affect the airworthiness of the balloon. The fabric is tested for strength, porosity and maximum temperature. Portions of the burners are required to be rebuilt at each inspection. Every part of the fuel system including tanks, hoses, and burners are tested for leaks and proper operation. The flight instruments (altimeter, variometer and pyrometer) are checked for accuracy and proper operation. In addition, the aircraft maintenance records are reviewed to insure that each applicable service bulletin and airworthiness directive has been complied with.

Who can perform the required inspections and repairs on my hot air balloon?

In order for someone to perform an Annual Inspection or 100 Hour inspection and approve the balloon for return to service, they must hold a FAA Repairman Certificate at a certified FAA Repair Station or hold an Inspection Authorization (IA) Certificate issued by the FAA.
Balloon Repair
To perform repairs, other than preventive maintenance, the person must hold a FAA Repairman Certificate at a certified FAA Repair Station or hold a Mechanic (A&P) Certificate issued by the FAA. Information concerning the requirement and limitations of these certificates can be found in the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 65. In order for someone to perform repairs that can be considered as preventive maintenance and approve the balloon for return to service, a person must hold at least a private pilot certificate issued by the FAA. Additional information detailing the regulations for maintenance and preventive maintenance can be found in Part 43 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Where can I get approved parts for my hot air balloon?

Every item installed as a replacement part must be a FAA certified part. These parts can be purchased through our network of regional distributors, dealers, or repair stations.

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